Dr. Bhavna Mohan

New Delhi, India

I Dr. Bhavna Mohan, mother of Ojas Mohan would like to thank Dimple ma’am for her contribution in helping my child learn and grow. I am fully satisfied with the online classes and appreciate her hard work regarding this. She really makes learning fun for her students. My son always look forward for attending her App development class. I appreciate her sincere efforts in shaping my son’s future. Keep up your caring and inspiring nature !
Thank you


Vinita Gupta

New Delhi, India

Thank you so much for your guidance and support!!! Advitya really enjoying learning from you. His interest towards scratch/coding classes is because you make it so easy and fun loving to kids..Keep up your good work👍
Advitya is really blessed to have you as his mentor who is always there for him to guide and support!
Thank you once again 😊


Bijina Baburaj

Stockholm, Sweden

My son Vedant has been learning Python Programming via Raspbians for close to 1.5 yrs now. He has so far been certified in the Basics of Python programming, TKinter and Pygames. Dimple has made learning very easy and has shown tremendous amounts of patience with the kids she teaches. Her ability to simplify and explain complex concepts is quite commendable, making it an enjoyable experience for young minds. She has always encouraged curiosity making it easy for kids to approach her with questions. I highly recommend her classes for children who show interest in technology. We will certainly continue learning from her in the coming years.



Faridabad, Haryana

“Shayan is a student of Mrs. Dimple Arora for more than 2 years now. He is 11 years old and enjoys Mrs. Arora’s online coding classes a lot. Right from Scratch to MIT App Inventor. My ward enjoys learning at raspbians.com. A sincere note of thanks from our side.”


Neelam Tyagi

New Delhi, India

“It’s 3rd course in a row of my child from you. I experienced change in my child’s overall thought process towards technology. He is now able to put his imaginations into a structure and create games in scratch. I never knew it’s possible at this age. He is in class fifth only. You made it possible. Thank you so much for your dedication and way of making things simple. My child is your great fan.”


Loveleen Dheer

New Delhi, India

“ Its been a wonderful experience and a an excellent exposer for my child Mehar Dheer to be a part of such excellent learning. I was thrilled to see Mehar Inventing new applications on her phone. Thanks to her Mentor Dimple Arora. Best regards. ”


Kapila Sharma

New Delhi, India

“ The IT classes taken by Raspbians is quite interactive and practical, the way is very unique my child always look forward to attend them every week. She has become more confident about the subject, she is learning things like she has developed few mobile games app which are of her interest. I am happy she gaining practical knowledge about the most important field. I must recommend to parents whose kids who are keen to gain practical knowledge. Last but not the least the teacher is very dedicated, very approachable and friendly. ”


Meghna Sharma

Stockholm, Sweden

“ It is overwhelming to see my son learning and experimenting with so much interest in coding. He was interested in developing games and I feel teaching methodologies of Raspbians have made him more confident. Its a wonderful start for the kids to take on bigger and complex challenges on their way forward.”



Chandra Roy

Kolkata, India

“ Rayn had a very fulfilling, enriching, and fun experience during his learning of HTML at Raspbians I like the fact that Dimple gives individualized attention, it helped my son grow and learn at his own pace.She encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills I just wanted to thank you once again for providing an enriching time at Raspbians for my son Rayn. ”


Manisha Kushwah

New Delhi, India

“ The classes were a great fun. It was a pleasure to attend them. The way of teaching was excellent. An obvious thing would also be explained a numerous if asked. Thanks for all the efforts Dimple ma’am. ”